Thursday, 23 July 2009

Wish me luck

I have an interview today for a store worker job. Not something I would like to do, but unfortunately military wives overseas don't get to have very good jobs... At this point I just want A job, so it will get me out of the house. Being all alone at the house every day is highly over rated I must tell you ;P

At lest I have internet now right? :)

I started re-reading (of sorts) the Beasts of Tarzan, in English. Until now I only read Tarzan in Russian translation, and got so used to it that reading it in English got unbearable for me. It's interesting to read it in the original language :) I want to start some kind of in-depth discussion of all Tarzan book either at ERB forums or via ERBCOF-L email list that I recently joined.


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