Wednesday, 22 July 2009

London Film and Comic Con...

was quite a disappointment to me. The second we walked in (Ducky and I), I felt like turning around and leaving. Guess I'm spoiled by SDCC and AWA conventions, to which London Film and Comic Con didn't even come close to. Or maybe I just had very high hopes for this convention, since it's London Film and Comic Con and I was expecting something big. Turned out, it wasn't big at all. To all Pensacolians, imagine 2 Civic centers together. Most of the booth sold photos and posters for guest signings, and the most emphasis was put on media guests and getting photos with them. Of course, there were plenty guests (aka movie stars) but because I didn't much care for any of them, it didn't have any impact on me.

There were few comic book artists and the highlight of my day was meeting Arthur Suydam :) I fell in love with his art after seeing his Red Sonja covers for Savage Tales. I ended up getting every print of RS he had :)

I couldn't resist taking a picture with him.

I also debuted my Jungle Girl costume.

At first I didn't even wanted to cosplay because like I said, I was so disappointed I wanted to leave but then I thought that I worked hard on it so might as well show it off. Needless to say my costume was the most 'adventurous' at the convention ;P Haha, Ducky had fun listening to guys making comments behind my back and then nonchalantly telling them that I'm his wife. Oh that husband of mine! :) Unfortunately, because of the reasons stated about I don't have many pictures from LFCC at all :(

Another highlight was meeting Chris Achilleous. Of course I had no idea who he was until I saw and recognized some of his art, mainly the Heavy Metal film poster. I guarantee 90% of you know which one! :) I got his Medusa book and exchanged information with him. Maybe in a future I could be one of his models?

Although I got tickets for both days, I decided not to come back for the 2nd day. I already saw everything it had to offer, and met all the people I wanted to meet. Of course I'm super happy I got to meet Arthur Suydam, but for the next year I'm only going to plan on going for one day.

~ Lyuba

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