Saturday, 25 July 2009

Alone for the weekend.

Hm... it seems like I never have anything nice to say here huh? Always rant, rant and rant! ;P It's just I don't get out much and not because I don't want to. We live in a super small town called The Village of Lakenheath, and it's really just one street long! The only things of note in this town are little grocery shop and a super old cemetery. There is nothing within 30min drive of where I live except fields and fields. And did I mentioned that my car is not in a working order now? There is nothing really wrong with it other than steering wheel lock up, but because it's an American car, British shops have hard time figuring out how to fix it. One of the shops advised us to take it to this one place where they have American specialist, but now my husband works days and now this weekend... and possibly next weekend too. Yeah...

So since I'm all alone at home this weekend I'll try to get some ACEO done. My Prismacolor pencils didn't survive the trip all that well, they keep breaking on me making them useless! :( I still don't have any Plexiglas for bigger works, but good think I don't need it for ACEO ;)

I also got some photos of myself from London Film and Comic Con. Chris Achilleos was nice enough to email me the photos her took. :)


  1. These pica are awesome! You are so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing these con pics. Love it! :)

  2. Well,
    You might not be able to imagine Sonja as a blonde, but you just made it a whole lot easier for me (and anyone else that sees these). Thanks! Great pics!

  3. Hello there!

    Great costume! and not to mention the beautiful figure you have! wich is what caught my attention when surfing this site, Let me tell you I am a fulltime sculptor, I found your blog searching for images of a Shanna the she devil that I want to sculpt, I am amazed of your reassemblance of that character, as a sculptor I find hard to capture the female figure and have always wanted to work with a model to make my sculpting easier, for this I would need a full turnaround of the pose I have to sculpt but here in mexico is hard to find , so this is why I dare and with all respect; I wonder if you would be willing to pose for the sculpt, this is a link where you can see some of my works;, let me know if you are interested, my email is you like them an hope not to bother you with all the blah, blah!
    Again congrats for the great pics and hope to read from you soon.

    Thank you very much